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The word “cornice” comes from Italian meaning “ledge” and has a connotation of decoration associated with it, which sometimes need to be factored in when doing a roofing estimate. A cornice may function to direct and throw rainwater free off a building, free of the walls. In a residential setting, this is accomplished by projecting the gales ends and roof eaves, as well as the use of gutters. Eaves are the edges of a roof that project and overhang beyond the side of a building. House eaves are also called cornices if they are finished with decorative type molding. Since eaves are primarily functional, not all eaves are considered cornices, that is, unless they have a decorative aspect to them.

Counter Flashing

The purpose of counter-flashing in a roofing estimate is to prevent moisture from entering a vertical sidewall or headwall. It’s designed to shed water off a wall and down onto a roofing surface. Use of step-flashing around chimneys is a common scene, but if installed incorrectly with only a sealant, when it dries, cracks and shrinks, moisture intrusion can occur. Properly installed, a reglet about ¾ of an inch or more is cut into the masonry with a grinder or masonry saw. Then the counter-flashing is plugged and placed into the brick or masonry and sealed with a polyurethane caulk. Since counter-flashing is one’s first line of defense against water getting into your home or building, it’s critical you choose the best counter-flashing system from your roofer.

Frieze Board

A Frieze is a term used in architecture for a transition piece. When used in residential construction it refers to boards placed flat against a wall that covers gaps between to tops of siding, brick façade and a soffit. This could be a decorative board that would extend down for the roof edge under the eave, down the rake. They are usually anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches wide. They can be covered with seamless PVC coated coils of metal to one’s color choice.


Sheathing is a term used for boards or panels used on floor, wall or roof assemblies. For roof sheathing, CDX plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand Board) are the ideal materials. OSB typically offers a higher shear rating and OSB usually has a lower price point. CDX Plywood is lighter and is more durable, especially if in contact with large amounts of moisture over extended time periods. CDX Plywood is also stiffer and does not sag which OSB has a tendency to do. Generally, CDX plywood is perceived as a better quality product and it usually costs about $3.00 more a sheet than OSB. What do the letters CDX mean? They are a grading system of plywood. And C and D are economical grades, and X stands for exterior glue.

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We earn your business by giving you an honest estimate and deliver a promise of quality work. Reliability, great communication, integrity and doing our best to keep you educated as we can. We look forward to building lasting relationship and want to give you the best roofing estimate. Our aim is to earn your trust with superior workmanship in service to your roof.

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